Transport & Warehousing

Indicia Trading offers a full service package to its clients. After proposing the product that matches the client’s needs, we also organize the transport of the products to their final destination.

Our transport services include the following:

  • Pick up at the products origin by truck
  • Organizing paperwork for export
  • Organizing paperwork for import in destination country
  • Placement of the container on vessel
  • Road transport
  • Air freight

Delivery at destination to the doorstep of our clients (depending on the country)
If needed, we can organize warehousing for various types of products. These products can be stored in warehouses with or without temperature control.
Depending on the products we also offer warehousing in bonded warehouses.

“Our transport service can be organized from origin to final destination. We also offer the possibility of organizing a multi-pickup of products with different producers.”